Vortex86MX+ – 800MHz up to 3xCOM, 4xUSB, 1xVGA, LCD, LVDS, LAN, LPT, PWM, Audio, 16GPIO, CF

128MB / 256MB DDR2 onboard

Operating temperature: 0 ~ +60°C / -20 ~ +70°C (Optional)

Optional: Onboard Flash

ICOP’s VMXP-6453M Scalable CoM for Robust and Versatile Embedded Computing

Are you looking for a reliable and versatile solution for your embedded computing needs? ICOP’s VMXP-6453M Scalable CoM might be the perfect fit for you. Equipped with the powerful Vortex86MX+ processor, this compact and robust module offers a wide range of I/Os, making it suitable for various applications, from industrial automation to transportation and beyond.

One of the key features of the VMXP-6453M is its scalability. With up to 256MB DDR2 onboard memory and optional onboard flash, this module can easily handle demanding applications while providing ample room for customization. Whether you need a module for a simple project or a complex one, the VMXP-6453M can accommodate your needs.

The VMXP-6453M also boasts a rich selection of I/Os, including 3xCOM, 4xUSB, 1xVGA, LCD, LVDS, LAN, LPT, PWM, Audio, and 16GPIO, enabling it to connect with a wide range of devices and peripherals. The module’s operating temperature range of 0 ~ +60°C / -20 ~ +70°C (Optional) also ensures reliable operation in various environments.

Designed for easy integration, the VMXP-6453M can be mounted on a carrier board or used as a standalone module, depending on your application’s requirements. This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for developers and system integrators looking to optimize their embedded computing solutions.

In summary, ICOP’s VMXP-6453M Scalable CoM offers a powerful and versatile solution for embedded computing applications. With its scalable memory, rich I/Os, and robust design, it can be tailored to fit a wide range of projects. Contact ICOP today to learn more about this impressive module and how it can benefit your next project.

Part No. Description
SOM304MP-6453 SOM304MP-VP PC/104 Development Board
VMXP-6453-3NS1 Vortex86MX+ 3.5″ CPU Module with 512MB DDR2
VMXP-6453-3BS1 Vortex86MX+ 3.5″ CPU Module with 512MB DDR2, NAND Flash 512MB
VMXP-6453-4NS1 Vortex86MX+ 3.5″ CPU Module with 1GB DDR2