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ICOP: Premium Hardware Components for Embedded Systems

Embedded Boards and Quick-EtherCAT (QEC) Series by ICOP – for seamless and efficient automation.

Embedded Boards and Quick EtherCAT (QEC)-series by ICOP

Boost the efficiency of your embedded systems with top-notch embedded boards and QEC-M EtherCAT products from ICOP. Compact size, maximum efficiency, and reliable performance – the ideal hardware for your embedded systems.

Embedded Boards

We provide you with industrial fanless and panel PCs for every application – in all performance classes with state-of-the-art technology.

Quick EtherCAT (QEC) series

We deliver industrial fanless and panel PCs for every application area – in all performance classes with modern technology.

ICOP – Latest news from the world of embedded systems.

Immerse yourself in the latest product developments and solutions from ICOP, offering you new possibilities for automating your business.


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